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Why Nigerians Were Deported From The UK

The Nigerian Ministry of foreign affairs has however, stated reasons why some 53 Nigerians where deported from Britain last week.  In a statement signed by its spokesman, Ogbole Ode, it said many had over stayed their visas while some had completed their prison term.

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“On the issue of deportation of Nigerians from Britain, we wish to state emphatically that the total number of Nigerians involved was 53 contrary to the exaggerated claim of 120. These compatriots were removed from the UK essentially because they have overstayed their visas or have completed their prison terms.

Deportation of Nigerians from the UK is covered by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Migration Returns which was concluded between the two countries a few years ago. Under the terms of the MoU, Nigerians who no longer have the rights to remain in the UK and have exhausted all local remedies and legal appeals are subject to removal from the country.
“This has made deportation of such Nigerians a matter of routine that now takes place in line with the provision of the MoU.

The whole process was supervised by very senior officials of the Nigerian High Commission, London.
It is a global trend to deport migrants who are surviving through illegal means, including credit card fraud, internet scams and immigration paper forgery".

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