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James Ibori's jail term slashed to 4years and 6months

James Ibori who was yesterday sentenced 13yrs imprisonment by a London court has had his jail term slashed to 4years and 6months.

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You may be wondering how or why?....
The judge considered the fact that Ibori pleaded guilty and that the prison calender is different from the normal calender. However, in prisons, day and night make 2days, so going by this, he is expected to spend half of the 13yrs jail term which is 6yrs and 6months.

The judge also considered the fact that he has spent some time in Dubai and UK prisons, so 645days were deducted. Now, he will be serving just four years and six months in prison.

Ibiri was sentenced to 1yr each for money laundering related offences and 3yrs for sales of V-mobile shares

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