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Pictures & Video: Barbaric Tossing of Babies 30ft From Temple Roof For Goodluck, Health & Prosperity

One of the sobbing babies tossed from about 30ft above the ground

This is not a horror film in the making but some kind of tradition practiced in Southern India. Terrified toddlers scream and sob as they are shaken by men in robes and tossed from about 30ft above the ground. This ritual according to the tradition, is said to bring goodluck, health and prosperity.

However, a society of children's right group who have labelled it 'barbaric', want it banned by the Indian government.

Continue to see more pic and video below....

Toddlers are annually tossed from the roof of a temple to bring goodluck, health and prosperity

Men in robes prepare to drop toddlers from temple roof

Campaigners managed to get the ritual banned in 2011 only for it to return this year, 2012.  Watch video of the ceremony in 2009....(This isn't nice to me at all)

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