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Friends let Yekini down - Ex wife

A former wife of Yekini has actually voiced out saying his friends did little to avert his death. The mother to his second daughter, Mariam wondered why his friends allowed his ill health deteriorate without raising an alarm.
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she stated as follows...
"I disapproved his decision to live alone in such a big house although I was not trying to come back. He was such a gentle man but people who surrounded him were his enemies. They must have noticed changes in his life but they kept quiet. He was so generous and kind but they paid him back in a poor way."

“I learnt he was taken away for two weeks before his death but I cannot confirm the circumstances that caused that or the location he was taken to. That was a big surprise and they probably took his phone from him because he was always informing me of anything that happened to him. I am sure he would have done that if he had his phone was with him during those periods. During our last meeting, we discussed normally and he showed no sign of depression or ailment, in other words, he was normal. He was driving around Onireke in Ibadan when we met.

“Since I met him, he had never spent a day in hospital. I know his doctor and he never called me to warn me of any serious health problem concerning my client.” The lawyer frowned at Yekini’s decision to live alone, but said it was only recently that he made the choice.

“He had a brother, Tobi, who was living with him. But he lived alone till his death which was alien to our culture in Africa.”

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