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Phillip Phillips wins American Idol 2012

yerrrr! i feel gooooood....yuppppi!....Really, i'm not high, im just so glad Phil Phillips won because the hype on Jessica Sanchez by the judges was just too much abeg.

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Phillip Phillips, a 21year old contestant of the American Idol has been crowned the 11th American Idol after defeating 16 year old high school student, Filipino-Mexican- American, Jessica Sanchez. The venue was at the Nokia Centre in Los Angeles, California on Wednesday evening that's Thursday morning.

Originally, at some point during the competition, Jessica Sanchez had the least vote which meant the end of the road for how but somehow the judges were convinced that she was good enough to stay and was the most likely to win. So, they saved her since they had the power to save just one person for the entire season.

I'm happy PP won.....congrats man!

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