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Stereoman "Ekwe" arrested and detained for alleged murder of his wife

Stereoman aka ekwe sample is a long time folk in the music industry and most of you might have probably known him through his hit track "Ekwe". The former glo ambassador has been accused of killing his wife Rukayat Idris just recently.

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His late wife was found dead in her car under the bridge around Mile 2 Badagry express way sometime last month. People who saw her body after she had died say that there were marks around her neck and which could possibly mean she was strangled. Rukayat's parents are accusing stereoman of killing their daughter and have reported the case to the police.

The two couples lived together with their daughter until last year when he ended their relationship and moved out of their home. Prior to that time, there have been sessions of beating on Rukayat, that being one of the causes for their seperation. However, stereoman is denying having anything to do with the mysterious death of Rukayat.

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