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Why we bombed Thisday Abuja, Kaduna - Boko Haram

The boko haram sect clearly claimed responsiblity for the Thursday attacks on Thisday offices in Abuja and Kaduna. They however stated reasons why the attack was carried out....

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The jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati Wal-Jihad popularly know as Boko haram told an online news that more bombings were coming the way of media houses. They have accused media houses for misinterpreting them in the press and blaming them for act they knew nothing about.

Boko haram spokeman Abul Qaqa stated the following......
“We have repeatedly cautioned reporters and media houses to be professional and objective in their reports. This is a war between us and the government of Nigeria; unfortunately, the media have not been objective and fair in their report of the ongoing war, they chose to take side"

He mentioned three (3) instances of the media misinterpreting them.....the first was the announcement of him been captured by the Nigeria Intelligence Agency (NIA)
“Some reporters are aware that I am Abul Qaqa, they know my voice through our long interactions and they also know the role of Abu Darda who heads the enlightenment committee and sometimes facilitates interviews; yet they (media) go by the unsubstantiated view of government that Abul Qaqa is in custody and I am the new spokesman or number two"

Thee second misinterpretation according to him was reporting on the kidnapping of foreigners in the northern part of Nigeria.

And the third being the mis-translation of the video the group posted recently.
“Another example is the recent video posted on YouTube by our Imam. I challenge every Nigerian to watch that video again. There is no place our imam either said he will crush President Jonathan or issued an ultimatum to the government in Nigeria; but nearly all papers carried very wrong and mischievous headlines"

When he was asked why Thisday was choosen for the attack, he stated....“The sins of THISDAY are more,” he said, adding that “they once insulted Prophet Mohammed in 2001 and we have not forgotten. They recently said our Imam executed me which is false. Here I am speaking to you, I am alive and healthy.” ‘We’ll attack the media again’

He further warned on more attacks....“We have just started this new campaign against the media and we will not stop here, we will hit the media hard since they have refused to listen to our plea for them to be fair in their reportage. “In the coming days we will give details and instances where the media have not been fair to us and why we are going to attack them as well.

“The media in Nigeria are not a problem to us if they will do their job professionally without taking sides,” Qaqa said.

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