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Jay Z sued for copyright infringement over book "Decoded"

Rapper, Jay Z has been sued over his widely acclaimed book that was published in 2010 titled "Decoded". Patrick White, in a lawsuit, claimed that Jay Z's work was similar to what he had on his laptop just before it was stolen in 2009.

The reason or basis of the lawsuit could be questioning because the book is supposed to be about Jay Z's personal life and lyrics in the past 20years

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According to AllHipHop, he went on to say....

“In 2009, my personal computer was compromised, resulting in my personal work to be used in Jay-Z’s book Decoded which was released in 2010,”

“The book contains various expressions/colors/phrases, which correlates to my work,” White alleges. “After contacting or attempting to contact the co-authorer [sic], I got no reply.”

Patrick White is suing for copyright infringement and invasion of property. The suit also includes co-author Dream Hampton and Random House.

Neither Jay Z nor his management have made a statement concerning the lawsuit.

below are samples of the lawsuit

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