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Police slaps Davido for being rude?

We actually heard that Davido "the son of Baba olowo" has debunked rumours of receiving a dirty slap from a mobile policeman yesterday in Abuja.

According to the supposed rumour, he(Davido) was invited for the just concluded Nokia Rap Battle alongside other prominent acts by Nosa, a fast rising and promising producer/manager.

After the show na, Davido was aided into the vehicle as per highness na but some how they got pulled over by police for the regular routine check. Interestingly, Davido jumped out and started boating (Under the influence of alcohol) "don't you know me? what the f**k is wrong with you guys"

But unfortunately, the mopol guy no de hear eim music, so the guy gats land am nice slap wey resemble "ekuro". Well, Nosa was there to the rescue. He came up explaining that Davido is a popular musician in Lagos and they were returning from a show.

However, Davido went on twitter today to debunk the story saying "I am safe and at home.....stop the lies! Unlike some of yall der r some pple out tha care...OMO BABA OLOWO :GENESIS OUT SOON!"

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