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EME Tour Promoter Apologises To Banky W and EME Crew Over Wrong Accusations

Yo! I told you guys some days back about an EME tour that was cancelled, actually slated to hold in California. In case u missed that, you can read it here

Well, the promoters of EME North American tour, Royal Entertainment have come forth with an apology. They however issued a statement on their company facebook page two nights ago apologising publicly to Banky W and EME crew. They stated that EME crew shouldn't be held responsible for the cancellation of the shows that reasons were genuine and unavoidable.

Press statement from chief promoter and director of Royal Entertainment, Eche-Enzina Emole says
“We would like to address the allegations that Banky W. had never planned to be in California. We have come to find out that this information was 100% false. As you can imagine, my partners and I felt betrayed and went on a public tirade against EME, and Banky W. Sparks flew, tempers raged, and certain statements were issued, on twitter and in the Nigerian Entertainment blogosphere, due to the intensity of the situation at hand”
Chairman and Creative Director of EME, Banky W posted on his official twitter handle on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 an apology note to fans on the cancellation of the Canada and California shows and promised that EME will make the remaining EME concerts memorable for their fans.

Royal Entertainment also went further to say:
“The information presented to me was 100% false. Allegations were made about Banky’s character, and while we may have believed them at the time, those allegations have proven themselves to be completely untrue. To his credit, Mr Wellington and EME acted with dignity through the whole ordeal, and Royal Entertainment would like to publicly apologize for the way we handled the situation. Royal Entertainment would furthermore like to publicly retract what we, or any of our affiliates, have said negatively about Banky W and EME.”
Royal Entertainment also stated in the press statement that they were fully informed about the cancellation and both parties agreed to release a public statement apologizing to fans on the issue but instead, Royal Entertainment and its partners took over social and online media making false allegations against Banky W and the EME crew.

“Further research has brought many things to light, and it’s time to make the situation clear. It is in the interest of everyone to put all of this behind us.” Eche says.

Eche-Enzina Emole concludes “on behalf of Royal Entertainment, EME, Alore Media and all parties involved, Royal Entertainment would like to apologize to the fans, and furthermore promise that we will make every effort to ensure something like this will not happen again.”

Royal Entertainment also made clear that there were no booking fees or deposit of any sort paid to EME for the California show and EME has also agreed to refund to Royal Entertainment the money Royal Entertainment spent on promoting the show. Fans who bought tickets in advance will also get a full refund through the various channels of purchase. When asked about his reaction to Royal Entertainment’s public retraction and apology, Banky W said "We have accepted the apology. It’s time to move on."

To read Royal Entertainment’s press statement, follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/notes/royal-entertainment/royal-entertainment-press-release/421407424562960

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