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#FreeNonsoMaduakor: Nonso, An Innocent Pharmacist Wrongfully Charged to Court For Cynthia's Murder

Maduakor Chukwunonso

Hello dear readers, i'm sure you guys have been following the late Cynthia's murder case (May her soul rest in peace...Amen!) and if you've not, perhaps i can put you up to speed when you click here
Let's call a spade a spade..

My friend and school mate is going to be charged to court for a crime he did not commit.

I just got in contact with the family of my friend Maduakor ChukwuNonso who was arrested on Monday 20th of August for selling of Restricted drugs without prescription . Apparently he was approached by policemen who pretended to be accident victims. He refused to sell the drug, but they pleaded with him continuously till he eventually felt sympathy against his better judgement.The moment he sold the drug he was arrested by the same men.While he made a mistake by giving in to his compassion,he is not guilty of the crimes being pinned against him by these men. Are they not equally guilty for coercing him to sell by their persistence and constant begging after they had being rightly refused.

After a visit to where he's been held custody, these were Nonso's words....

"I just started my pharmacy internship at 'Oxpharm', a pharmacy in Festac about two months ago. Last week Monday (20/08/12), I was doing my job when a middle aged man walked into the pharmacy and made complaints of persistent generalized body pains and difficulty with sleeping as a result of an accident he had some weeks back. The individual then specifically requested for the drug Rohypnol® (Flunitrazepam). I then asked for the Doctors prescription. The individual said he had none but begged that he really needs the drug to help his condition because all others did not give him relief. I still refused but after much begging and after profiling the individual as one who was not at risk to addiction to the drug, I sold the individual 1 satchet of drug and counselled him to see a doctor. After which I recorded the purchase of the drug in the Pharmacy's register.

About 3-5 minutes after the individual left the pharmacy,hefty men numbering up to five in mufti who did not identify themselves stormed into the pharmacy and pounced on me (Nonso), rough-handled me and took me to Festac police station.".....Nonso

Now he has been charged with conspiring with some men involved in a rape/murder case which was committed several weeks earlier(July 21 to be specific) prior to the sale of the drug.
Also, the offenders did not identify him as the one who supplied them with the drug used to sedate the victim. If he is to be charged then he should be charged rightly and not for something he knows nothing about. If the killers say he is not the one, who are the police to make him go to court and get him sentenced because of bail money. Please spread this. My friend's future is at stake here. Show some empathy.

His family have attempted to post bail but instead are being extorted by these Godless men of the police. Several times they have being told he will be released but instead the police have gone ahead to place these malicious and false charges on my friend just because of their own corruption and greed.
Please if you are someone who truly believes in justice , please spread the word or better still get involved.

Floreat to My King's College Boys. One of our own is a victim of police malpractices in Nigeria.This is the time for us to Come together and help our fellow KC boy in need. Please guys send me a message for more details. We need to get those in a position of Authority, involved in this matter. I'm going to try to get this across as well.

Only God knows the other countless innocent victims being brutalized and extorted by our corrupt police Force .This is a call out to the Federal Government as well.We need a reformation in the Police.They who have being given authority to protect have turned against their own citizens.

send me a message for more details. #FreeNonsoMaduakor

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  1. In court, he can defend himself in two ways through a barrister.

    1. No Nigerian law stops you from selling drugs without prescription.

    2. No Nigerian law states the quantity of the amount of drugs you can sell to a single customer.

    Nigeria lacks adequate legislation in this regard but if your friend purposely sold the drugs to those killers often, then you should stop defending him. Would you defend him if Cynthia was your relative? No! So, it depends on what the killers say about your friend.

  2. The offenders did not identify him as the one who supplied them with the drug used to sedate the victim...

    Nonso is someone we can vouch for and that is why KCOBA members are on their heels to save him.

    We are speaking of someone who didn't commit a crime he's been accused of today.

  3. Your points are worthwhile. Thank you


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