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Usain Bolt Pressured To Split With Girlfriend Lubica Slovak

Lubica Slovak & Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt actually split with girlfriend Lubica Slovak before the London Olympics, his reason being that he wanted to concentrate on the games...*hmm, how disciplined*,,,,hehehe

But it seems people are complaining about his interracial relationship, asking why it isn't a black girl instead. This came after a newspaper printed a picture of both couples kissing in March. However, some comments about the picture were condemning.

David Williams, wrote: “I don’t grudge you Mr Bolt but why couldn’t it be a black woman?”

Another reader, George Parker, reacted to the picture thus: “I have always known that there is something not right about Bolt, now I can see what it is, he is a damn jackass. One minute he made us proud and the other, he makes all black people ashamed. I wonder where the balance lies with the proud or the ashamed, I opt for the latter.”

 But a comment from Better JA defended the sprinter, saying, “People, people, what’s with all these racial comments?? Can’t you look at the picture and only see a man kissing a woman? That’s all it is and should be. I can understand the “sour grape” comments from the females but certainly not the racist ones. We can’t demand equality from other races when we have these impediments in our head.”

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