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Wife ends 8years of Marriage With Zaaki Azzay; Claims Years of Battery

Zaaki Azzay & Hadiza Azzay
Zaaki's 8years of marriage ends in a bitter note. The marriage actually ended 4-months ago but it's up now because both parties are actually in a bitter court dispute at the moment which has also gotten the police involved.

29 years old Hadiza Azzay has actually claimed long years of battery as the actual reason for their separation. She said before this recent separation, she had moved out like twice but now, she's moved out for real thereby leaving with 2 of their 3 children. The other being the oldest of them all, is still living in the house.

Hadiza and 2 of her kids are currently being taken care of by an NGO that takes care of battered women. They have given them shelter and have taken up her case.

She also claims that Zaaki has been using the police to harass and right now she's dealing with the police who arrested her for alleged kidnapping of her children. She will be coming out with her press statement thereby officially stating her own side of the story and hopefully Zaaki would as well.

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