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Wizkid's California Tour Cancelled; Promoter Says EME Played Them

Wizkid tour
Yet another EME tour cancelled. Wizkid's tour, scheduled for August 17th in California, USA was cancelled at the very last minute and fans from all over the world are lashing out over the cancellation.

Well, Banky W, has very well apologised and twitted...

‘Hey folks… The Cali and Canada stops on the tour have unfortunately been cancelled. Due to circumstances way beyond anyone’s control’.

‘Truthfully it takes a lot to put on a tour. A million & one factors go into it. Along the way, sadly, sometimes, inevitably, things go wrong. And when it’s out of your control, There’s not much you can do about it at that point but learn lessons & do better next time.. Truth be told, we take a pay cut while attempting something like this. A serious one. But that’s okay cuz of the love the fans have shown us. And the love we have for them in return‘.

The interesting part is what Royal Entertainment head promoter had to say....*kinda funny bro*
And so he replied banky W.....
‘N***z think releasing some bull***t press release absolves them of all guilt.. U been dreaming bro..‘, Azazel Noble (@Echecrates)

And so he continued.....
‘Man how one label can just destroy concerts in Cali for a long time to come.. Nobody will believe any promoter doing a concert for awhile. Oh so it’s out of Control when it comes to California and Canada but when it comes to DC/ATL/Chicago control full ground. Man we got played. Lemme tell u what pisses me off bout this shit..Dem niggaz told us they wanted a thousand ppl in the buildin 4 the concert. That’s why niggaz was promoting like rapture was bout to come lol.. I’m not sure there are even a 1000k africans with Visas in Cali. So after all that promo dem wan leave homies with “somethinghugecameup”..Oloriburuku tinzz. Cancel all your tours and leave.. Cancel EVERYTHING!! Shey something came up? hit up ATL/CHICAGO/DC tell em the same thing’.

The fans have been assured a 100% refund according to Banky W ‘So our sincere deepest apologies go to the fans in Cali & Canada, who wanted to be at the shows.. You will get refunded 100% for ur tickets‘.

The other tours are in – Atlanta (August 18), Detroit City (August 25) and Chicago (September 1)

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