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Balotelli wants former girlfriend back in his life

Balotelli & Girlfriend
Manchester city forward, Mario Balotelli has decided to give it a second shot with former girlfriend and baby mama of his unborn child, Raffaella Fico . Raffaella who is a model is some months pregnant.
Some few months ago, there was a really bitter issue between these two couples to the extent that Balotelli demanded for a paternity test for the model's unborn child.

Speaking in a statement to press he said: ‘I have decided to try again with Raffaella.’

In happier times: Mario Balotelli and Raffaella pictured in September last year, before their bitter break-up
The international sporting star clearly felt bad and embarrassed about his very public demand for a DNA test to be carried out:

‘The DNA test has not been performed and has nothing to do with my decision. In any case, I would’ve asked for the test in that situation with anyone, not just Raffaella.’

‘I am sorry for everything that has happened over the last few months and above all for what has been said and written,’ he continued.

‘I ask once again for you all to respect our private life that in future must remain private, a pledge taken by me and Raffaella.’

The footballer, who has a reputation for being difficult on and off of the pitch, ended his year-long relationship with the 24-year-old model following a doorstep altercation a few months ago, during which Raffaella accused him of cheating.

Not long after the split, Raffaella revealed that she was four months pregnant and that the baby was Mario’s.

After the striker announced that he wanted a paternity test, the brunette model was left stunned and a strongly-worded argument ensued, played out in the Italian press.

Look what you’re missing: Raffaella Fico flaunted her pregnant figure during Milan Fashion Week a few days ago
Just days before Mario’s statement, Raffaella spoke about her former love during an Italian TV interview:
‘We were in love. We were going to get married. He proposed to me and we talked about having a baby. It takes two people to make a baby then all this happened. I was left shocked especially when he asked me to take a DNA test,’ she said.

The lingerie model, who has also dated Cristiano Ronaldo, admitted that she’d had Mario’s name tattooed on the ring finger of her right hand, a clear sign that she still had feelings for the lothario.

Despite her love for the footballer, the reality star admitted that she was tired of his constant phonecalls:

‘I want this to be a calm, tranquil pregnancy. I thought he was calling me to find out how I was but he shouted and called me names. He was trying to stress me psychologically. He wants to stalk me. All I ask of him is respect, at least for the sake of our baby,’ she said.

Source - Daily mail

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