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Lagos Chief Justice frees 236 inmates from Kirikiri Prison

Over 233 inmates at the Lagos Kirikiri Prison yesterday regained their freedom. Majority of the inmates who were set free by a Lagos Chief Judge, Justice Ayotunde Philips were still awaiting trial prior to the favor granted them.
Investigation revealed that some of the freed inmates had stayed for over 12 years in custody, as several attempts by different lawyers to speak on their behalf did not yield any positive results.

Justice Ayotunde who arrived at the prisons with top members of the judiciary and some few reputable judges as well as Chief Registrars freed 133 inmates from the Kirikiri Maximum Security Prison and 103 from the Medium Security Prison.

Chief Judge acted upon the powers conferred on her under Section 1 (1) of the Criminal Justice Release from Custody Act, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2007.

In her remark, she said, “there is a saying in the legal circle that it is better for 10 guilty persons to be free than for one innocent person to be incarcerated.

“We have gone through the list of those recommended for release. Therefore, for those of you qualified to be released, you are very lucky that your names have come up. So, go and sin no more.”

She admonished them to shun crime that could make them return to prison. She reiterated her commitment towards decongesting the Nigerian Prison, stating that she had promised earlier on the acceptance of the job “I promised during my swearing-in ceremony that I will do my best to decongest the prisons.”

Deputy Comptroller of Prisons of the Kirikiri Maximum Prison, Mr. Olu Tinuoye while welcoming the team noted that it was very unusual for chief judges of Lagos State to visit the prisons, and commended her effort towards the decongestion of prisons in the country.
Source: Daily Post

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