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#JusticeforUNIPORTaluu4: Lloyd, Ugonna, Chidiaka and Tekena

Lloyd & Ugonna
Just before i start, if you haven't come across the story yet, just click here to read.
This is just too unbearable and inhuman. While would this group of people from a community called Aluu take the lives of these young lads. This is just barbaric and silence is not what these boys deserve

Something has to be done, the River State government must punish all those involved in this dastardly act unless they want to tell us that they have put these laws into the hands of this community group.

For this sole reason, i will help to push this campaign #justiceforaluu4 until something magnanimous is accomplished not just for the sake of these young lads but also for us, our children and our loved ones.

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