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President Jonathan visits Gov Dambaba Suntai in Abuja hospital

Governor Dambaba Suntai was admitted into the intensive care unit of the National Hospital Abuja after yesterday's crash that involved 6 souls including the Governor. The governor's health state is said to be critical at the moment as he was said to have survived a 'near death' incident.

President Jonathan made a visit to the governor's ward around 3:30pm in an armed BMW sedan where he also met with the Chief Medical Director (CMD), Prof bello Bala Shehu. The President however, confirmed that Suntai is in a stable condition and the FG would make sure he gets the best health care.

"First and foremost I have to thank God for what has happened. Plane crash is not something you just wave off.

"We are quite happy that the governor is stable, I have seen him, doctors are working very hard on him.

"I believe that God willing, he will come out of it. But he is still in hospital...," Jonathan said.

"There is no need to do any operation on him. He is very stable. Given what happened, we are very satisfied with the situation at the moment." - CMD

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