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Will the Chief Justice of the Federation be fined for breaking Lagos traffic law?

For reference sake, we heard that Mama Law, the Chief Justice of the Federation broke Lagos traffic law yesterday. This is actually coming from a reliable source. She drove on the BRT lane yesterday which is outrightly an offence in Lagos. We still remember the Army officer incident na. Oya na, Mr Governor, we are waiting, who's going to judge who?

Let's wait and see if she's going to be fined N25,000 na!

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  1. Of course, she's untouchable, which is shameful. I did not know that one of the useless bigwigs in Nigeria was in town yesterday or i would not have ventured out of my area. Iw was caught in a traffic gridlock that had no obvious cause.

  2. Did you say she's untouchable? by the president or by the law? obviously not by the governor


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