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George Clooney is related to former American President Abraham Lincoln. Also Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton and Co.

George Clooney & Abraham Lincoln
Ancestry has revealed that Ocean's Eleven star, George Clooney is distantly related to the 16th American President, Abraham Lincoln. George happens to be Abraham Lincoln's half-first cousin five times(Great-great-great...and so on).

Check out a list of other celebrities with famous ties....

1. Jake Gyllenhaal and Maggie are related to King Edward III of England.
2. Clint Eastwood is descended from Henry I of England.
3. Helena Bonham Carter is the great grand daughter of H.H. Asquith, the Prime Minister of the Britain from 1908 to 1916.
4. Tom Hanks is a triple threat: he’s related to Lincoln, Herbert Hoover and King John of England. (So is Hanks related to Clooney?!)
5. Justin Bieber is related to Canada’s earliest settlers and he’s 11th cousins once removed with Ryan Gosling!
6. Stephen Colbert shares a bloodline with Queen Noor of Jordan, but more importantly, he’s related to Meryl Streep!
7. Paris Hilton is descended from Henry II, as is Richard Nixon. Hmm… I wonder what went wrong there.

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