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Al Qaeda Kidnaps French Engineer in NIgeria

According to Police report, a group of 30 gunmen snatched a French Engineer from a heavily guarded house in Northern Nigeria. The attack was said to have occurred in Katsina which shares border with Niger where all Al Qaeda's North African wing is known to operate.

There were impressions that this could have been a Boko Haram attack due to the recent attacks by the Islamic group but according BBC's Hausa Aliyu Tanko, he says the group does not normally kidnap people.

President Hollande has said that the group might probably be linked to Al Qaeda or the groups which are today in Mali.

However, the Engineer kidnapped on Thursday, worked for a French company on wind power project in the town of Rimi, 15miles (25km) from Katsina. Two security guards where shot dead during the attack while a police officer was wounded.

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