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Photos: Massive Explosion at Jankara Market, Lagos

An area of jankara market went ablaze this morning around 9 am when the regular firecrackers and knockouts were happily triggered by the users.

The reports were that the actual building affected before seven others got affected too was a fireworks storage facility and so after someone mistakenly tossed a triggered firework into the facility, the rest were triggered, hence, initiated a fire outbreak.

Several people were injured and vehicles  destroyed. Fire service has since been deployed to the affected vicinity.

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  1. May God continue to save his people ooo.....chaiiii...I guess they wud start countin dier losses now

  2. God help us with nation

  3. Watz all this bout? Is dat Knock-outs triggered dat outburst???? Father Save us Indeed! Maybe Govt shld put a Ban on fire-crackers and knockouts 4 Good, cos they are cursing more harm than Good! Imagine d Gross loss? I sympathise wif those Affected! Take heart!

    1. Yes o! The firecrackers caused the fire outbreak. There were stored fireworks in the facility as at that time.

  4. Hmmm!God abeg o!What the hell is this? Are u sure it mere fireworks dat were in d or somtin else,cos this boko harams r not to b trusted o! Dey must v gone to prepare time bombs or explosives in form knockouts and dey actually exploded at d expected time which happened to b coincidental wt d tym one of those knockout boys threw theirs;or better still throwing it in dat vicinity triggered dem to explode. But anyway,wateva d case may b,may save his children. Amen!!!

  5. Lol..@time bomb. Worst of it, I heard a baby was killed by the incident


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