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Jude Okoye Speaks on Why May D Left Square Records

I posted a story some months back when the initial issues started between May D and Square records (Psquare and Jude Okoye).. read story here

Well, then the CEO of the record label, Jude Okoye never mentioned the reason(s) for their split but he finally did in a recent interview with Hip tv.

 “As part of our giving back to society, we said let’s bring on board a couple of artistes and then J Martins, Bracket did. But May D’s own was quite different. We said let’s have this group thing. Let’s have him on board.
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It was when we wanted to officially sign him. That was when the problem came up. He wanted to have what P-Square had, which was not possible. It took P-Square eight years to get the cars, the houses and everything, and within a year, someone was looking for something like that. So, I told him you can’t get that from here. Maybe there’s a better option for you out there, go get it.”

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