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The NASA Mohawk Guy that Tripped Michelle Obama

Bobak Ferdowsi!!! Do you know him? He's the Mohawk guy that landed a robot on Mars...

Firstly, let me explain why he's called the Mohawk guy... Obviously because he wears a Mohawk hair style which is realistically unusual for a geek or nerd...but hey! this dude seems to be transforming the entire NASA with his trademark haircut.

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Ferdowsi is a Flight Engineer at NASA. Recently, this dude was invited to join first lady Michelle Obama to watch the president's annual State of the Union address to Congress.

So is Michelle loving the Mohawk thing? Well, he sure did wear his Mohawk to watch the President's address.

Ferdowsi, the face of NASA's latest Mars rover mission last summer and a native of Oakland, California, with a graduate degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was not immediately available to comment on being chosen to sit in the first lady's seating section for the State of the Union.

According to source, he said he would not work for NASA if it was the same "stodgy" space agency it was known as in the past.

"We're still nerds and geeks here. There's no doubt about it. We're just a little more comfortable expressing ourselves," Ferdowsi said.

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