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Sandra Okagbue reacts to stories of Mikel Obi flamboyant wedding with her

A few days ago, i posted a gist about Mikel Obi getting Married to Sandra Okagbue which was according to City People. You can read the story here

Firstly, Mikel Obi came up and denied it which is normal for any celebrity and now Sandra, the lady in question has reacted to this and several other allegations like her family house been bought by Mikel Obi.

Well, any which way, i believe there's an atom of truth somewhere. It's normal for celebrities to go forth and back reacting to stories about them probably because they don't want it out to the public, at least not yet.

Read Sandra Okagbue's reaction below....

“This is to inform the general public that the current stories foretelling a proposed wedding between I, Sandra Okagbue, and Mikel Obi, is entirely incorrect. There has never been such a proposal between either of us let alone an agreement, or even a wedding date as rumored. “There is no truth in the reports that Mikel Obi and I are getting married.”

“There have been too many false stories about me in the papers, and several blogs. My name has been linked with several people whom I am supposedly familiarly linked with. Some of these false reports even went as far as claiming that my family house was bought by these imaginary suitors. This is disheartening. I come from a reputable royal family and, we are a hardworking people. We have achieved all we have through faith in God and hard work.”

“I will like to implore the respectable ladies and gentlemen of the press to please always officially verify whatever information they would like to publish about me before publishing.”

“Thank you for your usual support.”

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