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Sisqo: The Past, the present.. What does the future hold for him? Find out


I know it's been a while we hooked up with a couple of American artistes that made wave in the past. Artistes that really smashed it at the time of their peak. Although, i still think that was never their utmost peak but there came an unexpected plummet - Grace to Grass things.

Well, what really happened isn't my business right now, i'm actually concerned about what has become of them today.

Certainly, we remember the likes of Sisqo, Craig David, etc. But the question is, where are these dudes.
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"She had dumps like a truck truck truck ... Sisqo was seen some nights back in March, 2013 performing his hit track Thong Song...If you weren't born at that time, trust me, this song was a killer hit..it really weighed some good lbs. Yeah! it's a good thing to see him perform this hit single but where he performed it is the real ish.

The R&B star was found performing his signature song from 2000 in Washington DC suburb...it wasn't an arena like the O2 you know but a really cramped small sport bar and he actually had to dodge bouncers and waitresses just to do some dance moves

Thong Song went all the way to #3 on the charts and Sisqo used to perform it to sold out arenas with thousands of people singing along. Check out video performance below...

Well, that's all for Sisqo for now but i should definitely put you abreast of some other artistes you might be wondering what their status quo might be...

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