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Usain Bolt Throws a Joke At Piers Morgan Over Manchester Utd Premier League Win

Yesterday was fun to some people and to some others, it wasn't and neither was it for Manchester City, Barclay's Premiership title holders before yesterday night. And as for Arsenal, it's somewhat a mixed feeling.

I guess this was why @usainbolt twitted a Joke @piersmorgan.
"Finally we cheering for the same person @piersmorgan @henrygayle... Oh thanks for your contribution to our 20th title yesterday. #MUFC..lol"

Ok! Just for it to make sense to you, Piers Morgan is a die hard Arsenal fan and Robin Van Persie was a former Arsenal star who now plays for Manchester United. He also scored a hat trick to give Manchester United their 20th Premier league title and perhaps his 1st in 10years.

RVP's (Manchester United) now tops the chat with 24 goals while Suarez (Liverpool), 23 goals.

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