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Beyonce's outfit at the MET Gala 2013. Yay or Nay??

Blue Ivy's mom rocked the Red Carpet of the 2013 Met Gala 2013 with black & gold fierce gown with gold thigh-high boots and black arm-length gloves. Do you think Beyonce went too far with this outfit or she rocked it just fine?? Leave your comments in the box below.
See more pictures after the break....

Indeed, she's SASHA FIERCE!!!!! She's still gat it going on....

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  1. I'm loving this blog! Blue Ivy's mom was just on pointed..no over rating. However, I sense a girlie touch on this blog..and I'm loving it..keep it up

  2. I think Bey went way too farrrrrrrrrrrrr. The gloves, the golden boots?? She didn't need all of those to rock that dress. I think proper accessories and nice sandals would have done the trick. I bet Joan Rivers would agree with me!

  3. I still don't know the function of that belt on her waist o!!!!! I mean she doesn't need to go through all these headache to look sexy tho. Her shape is sexy any day, anytime!


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