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Naija's Representatives to the Big Brother House

The Big Brother Africa is the African version of the Big Brother reality game show. The show initially involved 12 countries within Africa (Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia & Zimbabwe) with two countries (Ethiopia and Mozambique) being added in season 4 and two other countries (Liberia and Sierra Leone) being added in season 7. Each country provides a contestant living in an isolated house while trying to avoid being evicted by viewers and ultimately winning a large cash prize at the end of the show. The show is co-produced by Endemol South Africa.

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Season 8 of the Show kicked off on the 26th May, 2013 with 28 housemates from 14 countries African countries and will last for 91 days ending on Sunday 25th August 2013.

Ethiopia returned as the fourteenth participating country in the show, replacing Liberia.

IK returned as host of the series.

Airtel took over the role of headline sponsor becoming the official sponser of Big Brother The Chase. Once again 2 houses are featured on BBA The Chase, "Diamonds" and "Rubies".

Meet the Nigerian Representatives:
MELVIN, Model and actor , 27.

BIO: Melvin is a model and actor from Delta State with a BSc in Chemistry.

His favourite place in Nigeria is Lagos and he says the best things about the continent as a whole are the culture and people.
Outside of Nigeria, he enjoys spending time in South Africa and the USA because “these are places where you can relax and relate to people conveniently”.

He has always been a fan of the show and  friends and family therefore inspired him to enter Big Brother.

He was the 1st Runner-Up of the Gulder Ultimate Search  VI and also the 1st Runner-Up of MR. Nigeria 2011.

He is hoping to use all his experience and charm to go all the way on Big Brother.

If he wins the grand prize, he’ll invest it, but he’s also hoping to make his country proud and use this experience as a platform to achieve other things in his career.

Melvin enjoys listening to Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and R Kelly.


BEVERLY, Model, 21, Nigeria

Beverly is a model from Lagos. She describes herself as “smart, sexy, humble, loyal and crazy”.

One of her favourite qualities is her sense of humour.

In other people, she values “consistency, cleanliness, truth and humility” and dislikes unkept promises, lies and pretense.

Beverley says that viewers can expect “a total packaged African young diva to command the right qualities and characteristics of a blunt, sexy go-getter”.

She doesn’t really have any role models, choosing rather to take unique attributes from different people.

Asked who has influenced her life most, Beverley says “who I want to influence me all depends on the situation at hand”.

She was said to have dated 2Shotz briefly in 2011.

Her favourite musicians include John Legend, Kelly Rowland, Phenom and Rihanna.

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