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Photos: Mayweather gives 13year Old Daughter a Hand Bag Cake and Diamond Wrist Watch Worth N40million

The undefeated welter weight champion, Floyd Mayweather, recently threw a gig for his 13year old daughter, Iyanna (not Iyanya)

Justin Bieber was there... of course, she should definitely be a bieliver. Other celebrities at the gig were Kevin Hart (Comedian) and Lil' Kim..Yeah! I could understand why Justin and Kevin were invited.. She's probably a bieliver (Bieber fan) and hopefully, Kevin could have made them laugh..but hey! what would Lil' Kim do?...C'mon, this kid is just 13...#JustThinkingOutLoud

Lest i forget, he also bought her a diamond wrist watch worth $250,000....(We are talking N40m here..as a sharp concerned 13yr old, what will you do..Wear it? Save it in the bank? you sabi the last option abi?)
View more photos below.....

Mayweather, Iyanna, Justin Bieber
Kevin Hart
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