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[PICTURES] Stars who rocked the Met Gala Carpet!

To start off; Alicia Keys....

Next up is Lady Ha-Ha Cameron Diaz!! She looks like a goddess if you ask me :p

Gisele's gat a nasty attitude!

O NIcki-Nicki

J to da L-O!! Jennifer Lopez looks perfect in a reptilian Michael Kors gown!!!

Rita Ora looked angelic in all-white!

All hail Queen Bey!! Mrs. Carter's over-the-top outfit. Yay or Nay??

Psy brought the Gangnam style to the Red Carpet..

And Madonna still won't admit old age!!

Kim and Kanye at the Gala!!! Kim looks........ Well, help me fill in the gap
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  1. Whoop! Whoop!! Kim looks like a pot flowers! What the heck was she thinking before she wore that dress!! Oops....

  2. Alicia Keys ...always classy


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