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[POST]: MNET introduces another channel to its network

M-Net (originally an abbreviation for Electronic Media Network) is a subscription-funded television channel in South Africa, established in 1986 by Naspers.

The channel offers a mix of general entertainment, children's programmes, sports and movies, most of which are acquired from overseas but some are also locally produced. While the TV signal is generally encrypted,
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 M-Net showed some programmes 'free to air' in its "Open Time" slot between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., until the slot closed on 1 April 2007. In the early 1990s, M-Net added a second analog channel called Community Services Network (CSN), and began digital broadcasting via satellite to the rest of Africa, via its sister company MultiChoice.

With the introduction of MultiChoice's multi-channel digital satellite TV service, DStv, in 1995, several different channels have been created to complement the original M-Net terrestrial channel.

M-Net launched its subscription based Web TV service in August 2005 under the name KuduClub. The service operated in unison with the premiere of the Idols South Africa 3 series. The service hosts all of its channels described above, excluding DStv, plus exclusive content.

In May, 2013, it adds MZone to its wide network on DSTV Channel 139 where interesting movies are being shown and 'Behind the Scenes' actions are being displayed for the viewers pleasure.

More interesting news about this Channel is that the least Subscription of the Multi-Choice services covers the operation of the MZone!
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  1. It's now movie non-stop!!! I'll marry my TV.. :D


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