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UNILAG Student Dies at #ABC Pool Party

There are claims by an online magazine, ClubHeadz.com that a UNILAG student (not yet properly identified),  died at the #ABC party organised by one of unilag's leading rave crew, NODGE ENTERTAINMENT

According to oneunilaggirl.com, A young man drowned was identified to be someone named “Bobo” and is a Student of the University of Lagos. Apparently, the guy in question was so drunk and then he said he wanted to swim. But before they knew it, Bobo had Jumped into the swimming pool where he was for a while until he was brought out to lay on the floor of the venue where he passed out. He was said to have hit his head on the Tiles of the Pool which must have caused severe brain damage. At the same time, a young lady (name with-held) also drowned but was Caught on.

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The ClubHeadz made some investigations and witnesses from new hall that attended the event shared some details with us and here is what we gathered…. like every body else the niqqa “bobo” got to the event early , was grooving and having a good time before deciding to take a dive into the pool, on diving in, he stayed still for a while before one of the swimmers noticed that there was something not-right about his stillness … he was then carried and rushed out of the pool while. everyone was in shock and several attempts were made to resuscitate him but to no avail, people were in shock and immediately started leaving the party one after another, the most shocking part was that the party still went on but the pool was closed because most people were unaware that bobo had already passed on, most thought he was drunk and had passed out.

The ones who noticed and left were lucky enough as it was said that policemen arrived shortly after the incident but that the organizers had already vanished. The last time we heard from the CEO of NODGE – tarry was on the night of the event, he hasn’t been sighted ever since, BBM, Twitter, Instagram no updates.

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