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FEMI FANI-KAYODE replies Girlfriend!

We wrote an article a few days back about Chief Femi Fani-Kayode who was attacked on twitter by his ex-girlfriend.
If you missed that post, click HERE to read the story.

Well, our dear Chief has answers and.... threats for her madness!
Read his tweets below from bottom-up: 

Thanks for the advice. Her family are aware of her insanity. We should just pray for her. That God deliver her from her demons.
the same person operating both just to generate gossip and scandal and get everyone's attention.
This one is clinically insane. Imagine her operating two handles and the two are abusing each other for weeks. Meanwhile its
Toe to toe with a little rat like that? No way. She is too small for me and I just don't have the time. Her family hate her.

": U ran but it's like it's not far enough. Distance cut short by social apps." She cannot come near me. She dare not.
": , Report to the police before she kills again!" I have
": and what did you do when you knew she had killed before?" I ran a mile away. What do u want me to do?
She does it to EVERY SINGLE PERSON that she feels is close to me. Especially the women. We will leave her to God until I expose her.
What did they expect when the Minister allowed Dana to fly again before paying compensation to all the families?

When her name is mentioned in every newspaper in the country and you are told who she is you will be shocked. Trust me on that one.
": hahahaha" U find that funny? Maybe it should happen to u or your loved ones and u would stop laughing.
": She keeps calling me a whore and I have left her to God. She can never stop me from being close to u" She deserves pity
": she has killed before?seriously?" Yes. Two people. Two precious souls that were far better than her.
Interesting. Unfortunately the court system here is not used to dealing with such matters. I will deal with it in another way.
I will do so dear. Very soon. And not just on twitter. A little patience that is all I ask. The circle is almost complete.
": Sir, what did u do to her?" Nothing. Stalkers are insane. This one is a stalker on twitter and a stalker in real life.
": what is her twitter handle" She has 6 different ones. I will give out her name and list all her family members soon.
": she send me a message too about ur romance with a lebanese whore. Do u know her sir?" She is a liar and a slanderer.
That is what is driving the girl mad. The fact that I will have NOTHING to do with her. It is a case of fatal attraction.
The disaster will be on her.The day I name her publicly she will regret all she has done and is still doing.That day will is near.
just pray for this sick,lovestruck,obssesive n troubled soul who can't find peace and who can't get out of her twisted little mind.
her publicly but I will do so at a time and place of my own choosing. When that happens she will get the shock of her life. Meanwhile let us
who does nothing but get on twitter and fb and peddle the most horrendous lies.It is only out of respect to her family that I have not named
operating six fake twitter handles right now and she stalks me and my followers on twitter night and day. Pl beware of this evil creature
she is capable of killing again. Pl ignore her and be aware of her. Most importantly do not be intimidated or distracted by her. She is
dangerous. I know who she is and I cut off from her long ago because she is a plague. She is clinically insane. She has killed before and

Guess this drama has no aim of ending soon. Let's keep our fingers crossed till the real person behind this is revealed.
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