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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's name their baby and it didn't take long after North West (the baby's name) was leaked that it went viral on twitter in jokes.

From the obvious cheap shots ("Did she give birth to a baby or a compass?") to simple photos of the extinct airline carrier by the same name ("First picture of Kim and Kanye's new baby!"), within an hour of the announcement, "North West" was a hot topic for online comedians.

Another popular observation? If little Kimye ever has a book or fashion line, she can name it "North by North West"--just like the Hitchcock film starring Cary Grant.

In fact, there are already several North West parody Twitter accounts, including @Its_North_West ("You may laugh at my name but i laugh at your bank balance.") and @NorthKimWest.

See more funny pictures and jokes of the baby after the cut....

Kanye West takes the place of Cary Grant in a famous scene from Alfred Hitchcock's 'North by Northwest.' Get it? Because his daughter's name is North West?

Many Twitter users posted a photo of a Northwest Airline carrier with the caption 'First picture of Kim and Kanye's baby!'

"So Blue Ivy got the stripper name and North West got the direction to the strip club? Nice, team work." — Rapper Yonas

"I'm just going to name my next kid a set of geographic coordinates. Welcome to the world, 40. 7143˚ N!" — Writer Jessica Valenti

Another popular joke: Posting a photo of a compass pointing Northwest.
"Kim and Kanye name their first child 'North West.'...This is apparently short for 'Bullied.'" — Writer Minnie McGee

"Kim and Kanye name their daughter North West. And that's pretty much all the guidance she can expect." — Comedian Mo Rocca

"Meantime in a chatroom far far away, Apple, Moses, MoonUnit, Shiloh, Sage Monnblood & Pilot Inspector are like, totes rejoicing. #NorthWest" — Australian talk show co-host Lisa Wilkinson

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  1. OMG.... This is so hilarious. Hahahahaha.... Can't stop laughing....

  2. Damn! People are so wicked.... Hahahahahahaha

  3. @izzy, you're so right.. So hilarious indeed! Hahahahaha..

  4. Hahahahaha.. Kim & Kanye are in soup! :D

  5. Jeez! North West???? What were they thinking??! North West ko, South East ni!


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