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Kris Jenner defends Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby name

Kris Jenner on "The View"

The grandmother of three fully supports Kim Kardashian's name choice for her daughter despite the controversary it has caused.

Kris Jenner is standing behind baby Kimye's name on 'The View'. She says: 'I'm pro-North!'

The grandmother of the most talked about newborn appeared on Wednesday's episode of "The View" and defended her daughter Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's decision to call their daughter North West.

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“There's been a lot of controversy," “View” co-host Barbara Walters said to Jenner.
"I mean, it's funny, but do you really want your child named North West, and would you have preferred it have been a K? Grandma, I know it's their decision, but how do you feel about them naming their little girl North?"

 Kris with Kanye

"I love the name North. I'm pro-North, absolutely," the 57-year-old reality star, who is currently promoting her new talk show "Kris," replied.

"The way [Kim] explained it to me, north means highest power, and North is their highest point together. I thought that was really sweet."

"You don't walk around calling somebody, 'Hi, North West!'" she said laughing.

According to multiple reports, the little darling will have the nickname Nori.
Kim Kardashian, 32, must have her hands full with her bundle of joy as there has yet to be any public sightings or social media uploads from the new mother.

Kim & Kanye

According report Kanye West, 36, has been "doting" on his girlfriend and their new baby.

"Kanye feels he's already deeply changed after having the baby," the source said.

"He's so in love with her and Kim right now."

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