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Mike Adenuga Paid N200m to Secure his Grave Spot

Business mogul, Billionaire and CEO/Owner of Globacom, Chief Mike Adenuga reportedly paid a dashing sum of N200m to secure a grave spot in a cemetery for his own burial.

The cemetery is situated at Vaults and Garden, an ultra modern cemetery in Ikoyi, Lagos, located beside Federal Radio Corporation Of Nigeria. The cemetery was opened in October 30th, 2006 by former Lagos state governor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and it has a spot for the rich and another spot for the "super" rich.

Just for the reference, a space for the rich costs from N750,000 and above, while that of the "super" rich costs from N40million and above. There you will enjoy a lush lawn, a balcony, beautiful gate, garden, more space when your DEAD!!!lol

Kai! Money is powerful.. Even in your grave you go still wan dey Porsche...but of course his money will not go with him. As for me, as long as you give as much as you spend, you make positive impact on the society, I will say #Is-it your-money? After all, money is meant to be spent either by generosity or by lawu-lawu.

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  1. LoL... I feel your lines.."By generosity or by lawu-lawu" choose your selling point jare!


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