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Photo: Have You Seen D'banj's N8million Wrist Watch?

A fortunate simple wrist watch happens to be the most expensive fashion item D'banj aka "Banger Lee" owns. He said the wrist watch is worth about $50,000 which is approximately N8m. it's actually a Frank Muller wrist plus he owns another watch that Jay Z has got.

“I’m always wearing expensive things; like now, I have two watches on my wrist. I’m putting on a Franck Muller, master of complication. It goes for at least $50,000. The other is a big face, the same one Jay-Z is rocking.”

Asked to describe his fashion style, D’banj said: I don’t know. I just dress how I want to be addressed. Sometimes, I want to look like a biker, sometimes I want to look like a billionaire. I wanted to get myself a power bike until I started making it. I had to decide against it because if I get injured, I would not be able to perform. Right now, I can only ride through video games

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