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Rafael Nadal's Twitter Mistakenly Reported Mandela as Dead

Rafa Nadal's Twitter account surprised the world by publishing the following message on Monday morning: "Today we have lost one of the most important and relevant people from our world. Rest in peace #Nelson Mandela". The tennis player from Majorca thought the South African was dead, a mistake that was put right within half an hour.

It seems that the mistake arose because of information posted on a fake Twitter account resembling that of a CNN journalist.

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The world beater, who had spent the previous few hours posing for media at Disneyland Paris, published another message half an hour after the gaffe to clear things up: "I had incorrect information and #Nelson Madela hasn't left us yet. I hope he will be with us for a long time; his actions will remain for ever".

By that point, the tweet had already gone around the world. But this is a mistake that should go no further than being a silly anecdote.

Nadal looked happy at Disneyland Paris after his recent victory, but he explained: "It isn't possible to celebrate, especially in this sport, because all you can focus on is the next tournament, and with very little time to prepare for it. I am already focusing on Wimbledon. I hope to be able to play at that great tournament where my aim will be to defeat my first opponent".

- Marca.com

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