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Cheaper edition of Alex Amosu's £1.2m Champagne - The Swarovski Edition

OK na!!! So there's a cheaper edition of Alex Amosu "Taste of Diamond" called Swarovski which is worth £350 about 80,000 naira. The original edition actually costs £1.2m and Don Jazzy, Peter Okoye got a bottle each some few weeks back and Wizkid popped it during his birthday bash in London with the boyband member' Liam of One Direction but it's obviously the Swarovski edition.

However, Alex took to his instagram to explain the Swarovski edition of his "Taste of Diamond" champagne. He also reacted to Daily Mail article about the price of the champagne.

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"Wow!!! Seems the media has taking my instagram & changed it to their own. Swarovski diamond edition as stated in my instagram is £350 not £1.2m" Alex Amosu wrote

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