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If DJ Khaled & Nicki Minaj tie the knot, I have to represent like a bo$$ - Rick Ross

Rozay's view isn't coming as a surprise because these guys have really bonded even outside the context of music. Before Rick Ross became Maybach Music bo$$, he and Khaled had worked their respective records on the streets of Miami.

But despite the pair's long history, even Ross was surprised by Khaled's marriage proposal to Nicki Minaj." It was some chatter going around, but I can't say that I
knew, but it was some chatter," Ross told Los Angeles' Power 106 host Rikki Martinez in a new segment that aired on Friday (July 26). "Time to sit that a$$ on
his lap."

On Thursday, Khaled asked MTV News to assist in the release of a special video aimed directly at the Young Money cash queen, and it quickly went viral. "Nicki Minaj,
will you marry me?" the charismatic DJ asked, looking directly into the cameras while holding up a 10-karat, radiant cut diamond engagement ring valued at around $500,000. Here is a link to the video http://www.mridontry.com/2013/07/video-dj-khaled-proposing-marriage-to.html?m=1

Khaled's name trended for hours afterward on Twitter as some fans wondered whether the proposal was authentic. Did the "No New Friends" star really want to put
a ring on it?

Ross told the radio station he believes his buddy is all in. "He has a ring valued at about half-a-million dollars," Rozay reasoned. The Maybach CEO went on to propose that if the two actually do get hitched, he'll get them a car—though a Maybach may be out of the question since
the luxury vehicle went out of production in 2012. "If they tie the knot, I have to most definitely represent like a boss," he said.

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