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José Mourinho drops the name 'Special One' for a boss-ier one, 'The Godfather'

After a bit of heat and tussle in Spain while with Real Madrid, José Mourinho is back again with one of English's stronghold, Chelsea FC but this time as The Godfather.

He stated during an interview..
'Maybe I am just going to be the Godfather,' he says.
'I am one of the guys with more time in football,' he said. 'I have won all the English competitions and I think I'm the only European champion but that doesn't matter.

So, maybe I have a bit more responsibility on my shoulders. I have to be an example for everybody in terms of conduct and support, to be there for everyone when they need me.'I have a c.v, I have status and I think they feel I am one of them, despite my passport being different, because I always defend them, their country and their football.'

The Godfather (we have to get used to this) also warned that this time would be different, and that no player was above being dropped from the starting line-up or sold.

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