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Nicki Minaj is spotted showing off diamond engagement ring after DJ Khaled proposal

Some publicity stunt they say.. Yeah indeed.
Since Dj Khaled's proposal to Nicki Minaj which went viral on the internet thanks to MTV, its been rumoured that Nicki took a restraining order out against Khaled but according to reliable source, that seems untrue. However, Nicki has been spotted two days later showing off a diamond engagement ring similar to the $500k ring Khaled proposed with.

Anyway, Nicki Minaj isn't engaged to DJ Khaled, she's just playing along to help him promote his upcoming album. They are good friends and besides she's engaged to long time boyfriend and hype man, Safaree.

She actually found the proposal to be amusing.. So I guess that's it.. EOD
If you missed the video, you can watch it via this link http://www.mridontry.com/2013/07/video-dj-khaled-proposing-marriage-to.html?m=1

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