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Patience Jonathan is my Jesus Christ on earth - Anti Amaechi lawmaker speaks

Evans Bipi, reportedly, is the leader of the anti Rotimi Amaechi camp of lawmakers in Rivers State. He however explained reasons why he led an onslaught on the state's House of Assembly on Tuesday.
Mr. Bipi led a team of 5 lawmakers allegedly backed by thugs to trigger violence in the state's house of assembly for 3 major reasons according to him.

In a video, shot immediately after the fracas, Mr. Bipi offered reasons that gave credence to the belief that the primary reason for the ongoing crisis in the state is all about President Goodluck Jonathan. None of the reasons bothered on governance or lack of it.
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"Why must he be insulting the president," Mr. Bipi asked an unidentified fellow restraining him from a second onslaught on the his colleagues on the opposite side of the divide.
In another astonishing explanation that might inflame Christians in Nigeria and around the world, Mr. Bipi said he was fighting to remove the Rivers State governor because the governor "insulted" the First Lady, Patience Jonathan, who he said is his Jesus Christ on earth.‬

"Why must he be insulting my mother, my Jesus Christ on earth?" Mr. Bipi angrily asked the fellow who apparently hugged him to restrain him from further violence.
When contacted on the comment, Mr. Bipi said that the first lady is indeed his Jesus Christ on earth.
"I have no mother, I have no father. She (Mrs. Jonathan) is my mother," he said.
Mr. Bipi, believed to be a cousin of the first lady, explained that he "lived" with her for several years.
He said he could not bear the governor insulting the president and the most important woman in his life.
The Rivers State Information Commissioner, Ibim Semenitari, denied the governor ever insulted President Jonathan and his wife, Patience.‬

"The governor of River State holds the president in very high regards, as well as the First Lady, and therefore cannot insult any of them," she said. "She is a daughter of the state and is accorded the highest respect."
A larger part of Mr. Bipi's rapid rise in politics is credited to the mentorship of the First Lady.
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