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Photos: Two people killed as Plane carrying 307 passengers crash at San Francisco Airport

Accordint to San Francisco City fire Chief, two people were killed on the spot and 130 injured on Saturday when Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 crashed upon landing at San Francisco International Airport.

The Boeing 777 was actually flying to San Francisco from Seoul, South Korea with 291 passengers and 16 crew before the crash incident. The two victims that were reported dead have been identified as Chinese school girls, 16 year old Ye Mengyuan and Wang Linjia. Their bodies were actually found on the runway after the tail of the plane. The two girls were part of a group of 29 students on a class trip to the US along with their teachers. They were all seated at the back close to the end that was disembodied.

“At this time there are two fatalities associated with this incident,” Hayes-White said.

The fire chief said that 48 people on the plane were taken directly to San Francisco area hospitals from the scene of the crash and another 82 were later transported to hospitals after making their way to the airport terminal.

An FBI agent said there was no sign the crash was the result of a terror attack.

“At this point in time there is no indication of terrorism involved,” said FBI special agent David Johnson.

Hayes-White said firefighters and emergency teams rushed to the scene after the plane experienced what was initially called a “hard landing.”

According to witnesses, the plane appeared to clip a seawall short of the runway, snapping off the tail and leaving a trail of debris before the aircraft finally came to a stop.

“When we arrived on scene the chutes had already been deployed and we observed multiple numbers of people coming down the chutes and actually walking to their safety, which is a good thing,” Hayes-White said.

Of the 307 passengers, 41 of the were Chinese, 77 were South Korean, 61 were Americans and 1 was Japanese

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