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Singer, Omawunmi allegedly inflicted swollen face on a journalist in Lagos

Singer, Omawunmi has been alleged of attacking a photo-journalist at an event held in Lagos recently.

While carrying out his lawful duty, the photo-journalist, Adekola Bamigbala attempted to take pictures of Omawunmi, but little did he know that danger was lurking around for him, as the singer allegedly pounced on him, snatched his big camera and with it, dealt him heavy strikes in the face in quick succession, which gave Bamigbala a swollen face.

It was big and strange flashes, not from his camera, but from alleged assaults from Omawunmi that the journalist could see.

Omawunmi was given a call but a lady, who claimed not to be her, refused to speak when she found out the reason for the call. The singer still has not responded to the SMS sent to her.

The victim, Bamigbala wondered why Omawunmi would descend so low to attack him as he could not remember having any issues with her.

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