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Aftermath of Hangover: Man 64, wakes up without his PP. The Dog ate it?

A 64-year-old man has told how he passed out after a heavy night drinking and woke up to find that his private part was missing.

Neighbours of Geraldo Ramos claim that he was attacked by a dog as he stumbled around the Dominican Republic unclad while drunk.

But Mr Ramos, of Santiago, doesn't believe their version of events and is none-the-wiser as to how he came to be dismembered.

He told a local television station that all he remembers is waking up and being rushed to hospital for emergency surgery. The dog which is said to have attacked him has not been traced, nor indeed has Mr Ramos's private part.

Mr Ramos now has to wear a catheter and was filmed recuperating at his home. He says that he has learned his lesson - Mr Ramos told Noticias Sin that he is to lay off the drink from now on.

While the neighbour's dog attack tale may seem a little far fetched, it is not entirely unbelievable.

- Noticias Sin
So what's the moral abeg, Beware of dogs? Avoid excessive drinking?lol

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