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BBA: 2Shortz used to beat me - Beverly Osu

I know Beverly lies a lot but I know this is not a lie. This is how Beverly Osu narrated her ordeal on BBA while dating Rapper 2shotz in real life:

She tells the story of how her fiance used to beat, bully, maltreat her and act as Adolf Hitler on her head. I’m a guy but this is terrible, the sad thing is that women still stay with these goats that call themselves men. She even pulled her shirt up to show a scar while he was beating her in the bathroom. According to her, she dropped out of school, her friends were graduating, her mom did not want to see her. She was going through a lot and wanted some time alone, even away from her fiance. So on this fateful day, the domineering Hitler called her to find out where she was.
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To cut the long story short, when he saw her, from questioning her like Jack Bauer led to beating, attempting to escape the beating she ran to bathroom and locked the door after herself, but these guy still broke the door just to continue the beating. I get that she might have added jara, but I can vouch that she was maltreated. He even forced her to have an abortion. I know this might sound like a myth, as I have always believed that having an abortion is the woman’s choice. But it’s just saddening that women still stay in such relationships with all the pain. All I can say is that that her fiance (which I know is 2shotz) is disgrace to Nigerian men, esp Igbo men. After he got married to someone else he was still texting her, that should go out together. I want to say a big shout out to Men that men that treat their wives well, like an angel which they are, God will make you bigger. Shout to women that don’t take bullshit from domineering men. God bless you.

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