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Kanye West Acquires N321 million Grenade and Kidnap Proof Metallic SUV for his Baby North West

I hear protection all around...Protection from what? As for Kanye West, the Paps are his greatest nightmare and so, since he feels he can't fight them, he has deployed a means of resisting them at least.

Kanye went ahead to acquire two new cars for his family. One is an Iron diamond, which is know to be kidnap proof, resistant to land mines and rocket-propelled grenades. the second one is a Chevrolet Kodiak, similar to the Limo One used by Barack Obama. That's not all, he also insisted that he and Kim have at least two bodyguards at all times.

Surprisingly, we hear he's contemplating a body double of himself and kim with the lookalikes carrying a doll baby to throw attackers or kidnappers off the scent.

Prombron Iron Diamond, which is literally meant for Kim was made to military specifications by Latvian-based Dartz Motorz Company which gained some notoriety with a model that featured leather made from whale foreskins. A Dartz was also the featured vehicle in the Sasha Baron Cohen movie, The Dictator. The source of the story was unaware whether any kidnapping threats had already been made against the family, but said the fear was clearly in West’s mind.

One word -  Nna mehn!!!

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