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Wizkid Attacked by Angry Fans Who Termed Him Arrogant

Ayodeji Balogun a.k.a Wizkid on Tuesday had a bitter moment with some angry fans who stoned at the VFS Global Services, Lekki phase 1 due to his arrogant attitude and his refusal to part away with some naira notes despite the much accolades he got from the cheering crowd who were so elated to catch a glimpse of their Superstar.,,so was their reaction...LOL
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Wizkid who was dressed in a White T-shirt and a Red Sofa Shoe came in a black Porshce Cayenne with covered number plates, the starboy who must have been sneaked into the VFS Compound came out into the waiting hands of a large number of cheering fans who wanted to shake and snap pictures with Wizkid and they obviously wanted some naira notes as well.

According to report, Wizkid came outside the VFS Compound where he had gone to submit travelling documents for Canada and shunned the cheering crowd.

All efforts to get Wizkid to snap pictures, shake or even show “some love” financially to the cheering crowd fell on deaf ears as Starboy completely ignored everyone as he walked arrogantly into the waiting Porsche Cayenne.

Witnesses at the scene confirmed that Wizkid’s silence and arrogant attitude got the cheering fans pissed hence, they resulted into stoning him as he made to drive out.

Unfortunately for Wizkid, one of the many stones caught his car side glass but the singer did not wait a second.

Ayaa! Too bad. Well fixing it shouldn't cost as much as replacing the entire automobile. Wizkid is yet to officially comment about this though he doesn't necessarily have to.

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